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Attorney Steve Stambaugh owns and rides a 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Limited. Attorney Stambaugh understands the dangers bikers face every day that they ride: drivers who don’t signal when changing lanes, trucks that roll through intersections, and cars that brake or slow down without warning. Working with investigators and specialists in motorcycle accidents, we carefully measure skid marks and assess the damage to motorcycles in order to determine if a car was speeding, ran through an intersection, or failed to yield to the motorcyclist.

Attorney Stambaugh knows how unsafe others can make the road for bikers and we work to raise awareness, enforce the rules, and keep everyone safe out there.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, talk to a lawyer who rides, who passionately defends the rights of motorcyclists. Whether you ride a Harley, Suzuki, Yamaha, Indian, Victory or a BMW, call Stambaugh Law P.C. in York, Pennsylvania, for a free consultation to discuss your personal injury concerns.

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  • Investigating the motorcycle accident: Stambaugh Law, P.C. has a retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper on call who can promptly travel to an incident site to begin the investigation. Time is really of the essence here – evidence must be preserved, and photographs, measurements, and other tools must be used to document the scene.
  • Interviewing the witnesses: At-fault drivers in motorcycle incidents often say the same things. “The motorcycle was going too fast.” “I never saw the guy.” “He came out of nowhere.” By talking to witnesses, investigating the scene and reviewing the facts, we are able to show that the problem lies with the at-fault driver’s failure to, for example, look for a vertical silhouette, or a loss of depth perception. Most of these incidents are caused by a car or truck turning in front of a motorcycle rather than properly yielding the right of way.
  • Understanding the law: Motorcycles have a right to enjoy the roadways of Pennsylvania. Certain riders are not required to wear a helmet in Pennsylvania, and a motorcyclist cannot be penalized for riding legally. The liability and responsibility for a motorcycle accident should be placed on the at-fault party, not on the motorcyclist, even if that motorcyclist made the decision to ride without a helmet. Attorney Stambaugh lives this issue, personally, every time he rides.
  • Investigating the incident: We will examine police reports, secure evidence, visit the incident site and, whenever necessary, have an investigator reconstruct the event.
  • Assessing the injuries: We understand the importance of proper medical treatment when recovering from a motorcycle crash. We review medical records and keep track of each client’s progress in the healing process, which can be lengthy. Motorcycle riders and their passengers can suffer from brain injuries, multiple fractures, permanent scarring (from road rash) or spinal cord injuries. The more serious the injuries, the more important it is to understand the current and future needs of the injured rider. In cases involving fatalities, we work with medical economists in order to assess the financial impact of a wrongful death on survivors.

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At Stambaugh Law P.C., every motorcycle injury victim receives one-on-one, personal attention from Attorney Stambaugh. Our clients never have to worry about being passed off to someone else. Located at 2121 South Queen Street at the intersection of South Queen Street and I-83, Stambaugh Law P.C. offers ample, safe, free and on-site handicapped-accessible parking. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your motorcycle incident.


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