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Vulnerable people in nursing homes are entitled to dignified, responsible care. Too often, though, elderly people are injured because of nursing home neglect. If you know or suspect that a loved one is being mistreated or neglected in a nursing home, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. Call Stambaugh Law, P.C. in York, Pennsylvania.

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Sometimes, nursing home neglect is the result of understaffing. Sometimes, neglect results from a lack of care in hiring or training. Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for nursing home neglect. These are some of the most vulnerable members of our community and they are entitled to be safe.

  • Knowing the signs of abuse: When an elderly resident seems afraid or has unexplained bruises or fractures, family members and other visitors need to ask questions about what is happening. If the answers are vague and don’t make sense, talk to an attorney who can help identify the problem.
  • Recognizing evidence of neglect: Bedsores — especially those that become infected — are caused by lack of proper care. A resident who is allowed to wander off, is over-medicated or under-medicated, or shows signs of malnutrition or dehydration is likely a victim of nursing home neglect. Nursing home neglect needs to be dealt with quickly. Ask us about the rights of nursing home residents.
  • Protecting the rights of the elderly: At Stambaugh Law P.C., we know how important it is to move quickly when elder abuse or elder neglect is involved. We work with families to investigate and stop nursing home neglect. By protecting the rights of the elderly and holding the nursing home accountable, families and lawyers help make nursing homes the safe places they should be.

At Stambaugh Law P.C., every nursing home neglect client receives one-on-one, personal attention from Attorney Stambaugh. Our clients never have to worry about being passed off to someone else. Located at 2121 South Queen Street at the intersection of South Queen Street and I-83, Stambaugh Law P.C., offers ample, safe, free and on-site handicapped-accessible parking. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your nursing home neglect case.