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A back or spinal cord injury can range from disc injuries that require surgery to life-changing conditions such as paraplegia, quadriplegia and hemiparesis. Because a spinal cord injury is always serious and requires extensive medical treatment and home care, it is important to have a personal injury lawyer who understands the long-term needs of the injured person. Call Stambaugh Law, P.C. in York, Pennsylvania.

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At Stambaugh Law P.C., we know how devastating an injury to the spine can be for the victim. It changes the injured person’s life and has an impact on the entire circle of family and friends. Tell us about your incident, your injury and your concerns about the future.

  • Investigating the event: Proper investigation can determine how the event happened and identify the liable parties who created the risk of harm. At our law firm, we have an on-call retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper who can preserve evidence. In addition, we will also retain the appropriate experts to reconstruct the event so that the insurance company and a jury can know what happened.
  • Examining the medical records: We use medical records and medical experts to explain the extent of the spinal cord injury and what will be necessary for current and future care. We also consult with vocational experts and life planners about future employment capabilities and limitations.
  • Establishing the costs: What will it cost for a lifetime of home care, special equipment, changes to the home, transportation and medical care? By working with experts who know our client’s circumstances well and by using an actuary to determine future costs, we are able to establish the amount of financial resources that will be needed.

If you were involved in an incident that caused a spinal cord injury or back injury, we know how to investigate the circumstances of the incident and identify all potentially liable parties. We have experience in all types of incidents, including:

Car Accidents
Tractor-trailer Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Defective Products/Product Safety
Construction Site Accidents
Dog Bites

At Stambaugh Law P.C., every spinal cord injury client receives one-on-one, personal attention from Attorney Stambaugh. Our clients never have to worry about being passed off to someone else. Located at 2121 South Queen Street at the intersection of South Queen Street and I-83, Stambaugh Law, P.C. offers ample, safe, free and on-site handicapped-accessible parking. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your spinal cord injury concerns.