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A fall on icy stairs, a missed step in an unlit hallway or broken pavement in a parking lot can cause serious injury if you slip and fall. And mishaps are not the only peril to our community: failure to provide adequate security and lighting in hallways and parking facilities can lead to assaults and muggings of guests and customers — and liability for property owners. If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a trip and fall or other injury caused by a property owner’s negligence, talk a premises liability lawyer at Stambaugh Law, P.C. in York, Pennsylvania.

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An elderly shopper in a grocery store aisle or a delivery driver walking up the icy front steps of an apartment building in our community should be able to count on safe conditions and prompt treatment of everyday hazards like liquid spills, missing handrails and broken windows. When avoidable injuries are caused by negligent property owners, the victim can file a lawsuit to pursue compensation.

  • Investigating the incident site: We know how to investigate the incident and assess the circumstances. Does the store have surveillance cameras that can provide clear evidence of your fall? Did any witnesses see the event? Is there a record of maintenance delays or failure to correct code violations?
  • Evaluating your injuries: Stambaugh Law, P.C. works with medical experts to fully assess your injuries and your need for compensation. A clear presentation of evidence of how you were hurt and how your injuries affect your life makes insurance company attorneys realize that we will confidently take your claim to trial if they don’t make an appropriate settlement offer.
  • Standing up to insurance adjusters: Common slip and fall injuries include broken bones, lacerations and concussions. Medical expenses are just the start, and we help you assess other damages such as past lost wages, and future impaired earning capacity.We will fight for as long as it takes to secure the compensation that you deserve.

At Stambaugh Law P.C., every client receives one-on-one, personal attention from Attorney Stambaugh. Our clients never have to worry about being passed off to someone else. Located at 2121 South Queen Street at the intersection of South Queen Street and I-83, Stambaugh Law, P.C. offers ample, safe, free and on-site handicapped-accessible parking. Contact Stambaugh Law, P.C. for a free consultation to discuss your premises liability claim.