Attorney Stambaugh authors a monthly article that is published in Thunder Roads Magazine. These articles cover a variety of legal topics sometimes specifically geared towards motorcycle riders, other times simply of interest from a generalized legal standpoint, and other times focused on issues of note that particular month. An attorney with 29 years’ experience, Attorney Stambaugh offers a valuable perspective on the legal issues that affect us all in Central Pennsylvania.

Below is a list of published articles that you can click to download.

   June 2017 – Motorcycle Insurance

   May 2017 – State and Federal Law Updates

   April 2017 – 2nd Amendment Rights

   March 2017 – Auto Insurance, Full Tort vs. Limited Tort

   February 2017 – Motorcycle Insurance

   January 2017 – DUI Law, ARD Program

   December 2016 – DUI Law Refresher

   November 2016 – 2nd Amendment Rights

   October 2016 – General Election 2016 Opinion

   September 2016 – Motorcycle Law, “Right on Red”

   August 2016 – DUI Law Update

   July 2016 – Experienced Riders

   June 2016 – Motorcycle Laws

   May 2016 – Medical Marijuana

   April 2016 – 2nd Amendment Rights

   March 2016 – Motorist Coverage

   February 2016 – DUI Law, Part 2

   January 2016 – DUI Law, Part 1