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We take for granted that the products we buy are safe. We depend on government regulations and the good business practices of corporations. But when an unsafe product causes a serious injury or even a death, we are reminded that not all products are safe, that our governmental regulations have been compromised by corporations and special interest groups, that the regulators themselves are over-worked and cannot possibly fulfill their duties, and, perhaps worse of all, that we have been betrayed by corporations both foreign and domestic who place bottom line profits and excessive corporate salaries and compensation packages above the safety of their customers. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of an unsafe product, call Stambaugh Law, P.C. and talk to Attorney Stambaugh.

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A product may be unsafe due to a bad component, due to a weakness in the manufacturing and or assembly process, or it could be due to faulty design. Whatever the cause, the manufacturer needs to be held accountable for injuries caused by a defective product. These products can present a grave risk to all of us.

  • Defective auto parts: When car manufacturers make design and/or production decisions based on profits instead of safety, their greed can lead to car crashes, serious injuries and wrongful death. Auto defects can include design decisions that cause SUV rollovers, air bag failures, defective tires, gas tank explosions and seat locking failures.
  • Unsafe motorcycles, bicycles: A wheel failure on a motorcycle or an unsafe gas tank can cause devastating injuries. A defect in the fork of a bicycle or in any welded part can cause a dangerous accident. Talk to the product liability lawyers at Stambaugh Law, P.C.
  • Defective home products: When safety mechanisms fail or when a product features built-in safety flaws, serious if not fatal injuries are the result. Mowers without blade stop / disengage features amputate limbs, and ladders that fail at their welds or seams cause workers to plummet to the ground below. All of these situations may cause serious injury or death.
  • Unsafe work products: Construction incidents and other workplace accidents are often caused or made worse by unsafe products. If you contact Stambaugh Law, P.C. about a workers’ compensation claim, we will also look into potential product liability claims. When you have been seriously injured, the injuries can require significant financial resources. You need a product liability attorney who has the experience necessary to explore all sources of compensation.
  • Investigating the product: At Stambaugh Law P.C., we hire engineers to test unsafe products using accepted testing protocols. We also investigate the event and secure evidence and witness accounts. We have the experience and resources it takes to file an effective product liability lawsuit.

At Stambaugh Law P.C., every product liability client receives one-on-one, personal attention from Attorney Stambaugh. Our clients never have to worry about being passed off to someone else. Located at 2121 South Queen Street at the intersection of South Queen Street and I-83, Stambaugh Law, P.C. offers ample, safe, free and on-site handicapped-accessible parking. Contact Stambaugh Law, P.C. for a free consultation to discuss your product liability claim. CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION  →