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Owners and operators of boats and jet skis are liable for injuries they cause through reckless behavior or general negligence on the waterways of our community. At Stambaugh Law P.C., we work with investigators in determining the factors involved in a boating or jet ski incident.

Since many water-related incidents involve alcohol, it’s important to determine if a boat or jet ski operator was drunk or impaired at the time of an incident. However, since there can be a substantial lag time between an incident on a lake or river and the ability of the authorities to conduct a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test, it’s important to interview witnesses and those onboard a boat to verify that drinking played a role. In boating and jet ski incidents that do not involve alcohol, we expose negligence and reckless behavior involving violations of the rules governing navigable waters and safety compliance issues.

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Injuries and Water-Related Incidents

The personal injury firm of Stambaugh Law, P.C. represents people injured in water-related incidents involving the following:

  • Intoxicated boat operators
  • Collisions with other boats or jet skis
  • Jet ski incidents
  • Running aground, causing people to be thrown from the boat
  • Lack of life preservers
  • Hitting sandbars, buoys or other obstacles in the water
  • Onboard fires or explosions

Boat Operators and Owners – Liability for Boating Safety

Boat owners and operators are responsible for complying with safety regulations in the upkeep and maintenance of their vessel in order to keep us all safe. Additionally, boats should have functioning life preservers and a fire extinguisher. Consequently, boat owners and operators can be held liable for injuries that result from poorly maintained boats or an absence of life preservers. Even if a boat owner or operator is not at fault in causing an incident, he or she can still be held liable if the lack of life preservers or absence of a fire extinguisher played a role in injuries that occurred after a collision.

And, while a boat owner may have little by way of boating insurance, in most cases, damages can also be collected from a person’s home owner’s policy.