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If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident, getting a lawyer is not the first thing in your mind. There are the pain and suffering you deal with and probably recovering from the shock. Besides, filing for personal injury claims does not necessarily require legal representation. It, however, helps to have a personal injury motorcycle accident lawyer for several reasons, including;

  • Your attorney will explain if you have a case and the process of filing a claim.
  • Your lawyer will carry out the investigation and collect evidence to support your case.
  • Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company ensuring you have an even playing field. You may not have to go to court to get your compensation, but a lawyer helps you get the deserved amount going by industry standards. This is the knowledge you may not have.
  • You avoid making mistakes that may jeopardize your claims or even accepting any amount the insurance company offers when you use a lawyer’s expertise.

Another important consideration when thinking of when to hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident injury is the statute of limitations. This is a specific period set in the state law that defines when you can file a lawsuit. It varies from state to state and the type of claim you are making. A statute of limitations primarily exists so that cases are not based on evidence that has deteriorated over time. If you are planning to file a lawsuit, then you want to get a lawyer before the statute of limitations passes.

You don’t have to hire a lawyer immediately after the motorcycle accident, but it helps if you do it soon enough. In some situations, it helps if you hire a lawyer much faster. These situations include;

  • Have severe injuries resulting from the accident: Extreme injuries are expensive to treat and take longer to heal. It also means you will need to seek higher compensation, and your case could take longer. All these factors make your case complex hence the need to hire a lawyer fast enough.
  • If the accident has left you with permanent injuries, you have to prove the cost of your loss and justify the amount you are seeking in cases of permanent injuries. You will need legal help to help you quantify your life-changing circumstances.
  • Your injuries require extensive medical care: Extensive medical care will take time and resources, and your case needs attention. In such a case, you want a lawyer to pursue your case for representing you at negotiations or in court.
  • You need to prove lost income: If the injuries have resulted in you missing work days or losing income-earning opportunities, you need a lawyer’s help. The faster you get one, the easier it becomes for them to find evidence that will help you prove your lost income and factor it in your compensation case.
  • When dealing with shady insurance providers: At times, insurance companies can prove shady when it comes to processing and paying out your payment. Insurance companies are out to make profits and seek to make the least payments as possible. They may either deny your claims, push low or structured payments, or delay the investigation process. Getting a lawyer pushes the process and also lets the insurance company know you are ready to fight for what is due to you.

It is wise to seek a lawyer as soon as possible as it offers the following advantages;

  1. There is enough time for you to concentrate on time-consuming but critical efforts like treating and managing your injuries.
  2. There is enough time for investigation and collection of evidence that strengthens your claims. If too much time passes, some evidence like videotapes can get lost.
  3. Your memory and that of witnesses are still fresh, and you all remember more details. The lawyer can piece together what happened and establish who is at fault. It is also easier to trace witnesses early in the case.
  4. Starting with a lawyer early on brings a faster and better resolution to your claims, preventing you from accruing high bills affecting your cash flow before resolution.

Getting a lawyer to help in a motorcycle accident injury increases the chances of you getting favorable compensation. The earlier you do it, the better. Stambaugh Law firm has the best lawyers who can assist you with this. Contact us today and let us help you win your claims as you recover from injuries.

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