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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) vary in their causes and severity. However, they are all life-changing injuries, and at times the symptoms may take long after the incident to manifest. Treating and recovering from traumatic brain injuries is costly. Even then, the emotional, physical and economic cost is immense. Parties responsible may not be willing to pay these costs, or they may offer insufficient amounts, and that’s why you need a traumatic brain injury lawyer.

Not only are these lawyers experienced in the law regarding compensation involving cases like yours, but they also do the necessary investigations. Considering what is at stake, you want the best lawyer in York, PA for your case, and that is why you need to ask the right questions. How the lawyer responds to these questions will tell you if he is the right person to represent you.

Here are the eight critical questions to ask.

1. How much experience does the lawyer have with Brain injuries like yours?

Brain injuries vary and are many, so you want a lawyer with more than just road knowledge regarding them. You also want a lawyer with significant experience in such cases so that they know how to best prepare for your case. More importantly, you want a lawyer with recent experience in the area who is up to date with the current medical studies in the field.

2. What is your track record with traumatic brain injuries?

More importantly, you want to know if the lawyer has a strong record handling cases like yours or similar ones. Having a lawyer with a good track record has a significant impact on your case even before going to court. Insurance companies tend to be more willing to settle for more when they are facing an expert lawyer with a strong track record.

3. Do I have a case, and how long can it take?

Having established the pedigree of the lawyer, you should ask about the merits of your case. The lawyer should tell you if you have a case, any difficulties with your case, and even the potential compensation you should seek. While the trial length differs and is dependent on so many factors, a good lawyer can give you a reliable estimate.

4. Does the lawyer have enough time for you and your case?

Traumatic Brain Injury suits are complex without even considering the investigative process that personal injury claims demand. You will need sufficient information and education for your case, and that calls for time and patience from your lawyer. Only a lawyer who has an effective system can manage your case with the proper attention it requires.

5. How will the lawyer help you prepare for the case?

You are going to need help in preparing for your case individually. The lawyer should have an empowering and practical method to aid you through the trial, depositions, for example. You can even visit the court in advance to feel comfortable. The lawyer should ensure you understand the basis for your case and guide you every step.

6. Who bears responsibility for the case costs?

Costs for your case are varied and include administrative, investigative, and expert fees. You also have costs associated with depositions. Ensure you have a clear understanding of how the costs are accounted for, the payment options. Ultimately you should know who is responsible for them.

7. What is the lawyer’s fee?

Closely related to costs is the final fee you will pay the lawyer. Most lawyers in this field charge a contingency fee which means the lawyer does not get paid unless you are. The contingency fee is a percentage of the whole amount you are awarded. It is essential to know how the law firm structures its costs and how it will impact you.

8. What is the lawyer’s relationship with expert witnesses?

Expert witnesses in cases like traumatic brain injury suits are crucial. They can shed new light and help demonstrate how your injury has affected you. You want to work with a lawyer who has proof of good relationships with the field’s best experts.

Do not bear the burden of a traumatic brain injury alone. While we may not undo the harm you have suffered, we can help you receive the right amount of financial compensation. The process is complex, and both the legwork and paperwork can be draining. Contact us today, and let us fight for you using our vast resources while you recover from your injuries.

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