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Are Tractor-Trailer Accidents More Serious Than You Thought?

All accidents are severe and should be avoided at all times. However, in most cases, some types of accidents are accorded more importance.

While common, tractor-trailer injuries face some of the least compensation percentages from accidents and other injuries. Primarily, this is why you should seek professional legal advice if you’re involved in a tractor-trailer injury or accident.

As mentioned, the tractor-trailer compensation rates are low when it comes to damages and bodily harm resulting from the accident. Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents remain common as large and small trucks – including tractor-trailers, big rigs, and semis make one of the largest portions of vehicles on the road.

Most Common Trucking Accidents

While there are numerous kinds of accidents facing truckers and trailers, some of the most prevalent and recurrent include;

1. Rear and Head-On Collisions

These kinds of accidents are dangerous, especially to those in smaller vehicles. Whether you’ve been hit in your rear end or bumped into a car ahead of you, the first step is calling an injury attorney.

Before accepting any liability or compromising yourself, get in touch with a lawyer. The injury attorney will help guide you on the best legal approach.

2. Jackknife Incidents

As mentioned, trucks make up a significant chunk of all vehicles on the roads. As a result, there are numerous road accidents, especially those involving the brake pads.

When a truck on the road doesn’t brake properly, the trailer may swing out at a 90degree angle. This could easily cause the whole truck to overturn. In most cases, jackknife accidents lead to hours or derailed traffic. Call your injury lawyer if you’re ever caught in a jackknife incident.

3. Tire Blowouts

While any vehicle is susceptible to tire blowouts, trucks are especially vulnerable. Whenever you’re on the highways, you won’t go for long without seeing a truck having burst its tires.

Unluckily, these tire blowouts can lead to massive delays and damages. To get the best approach on how to proceed, inform an injury lawyer. Don’t suffer from tire bursts and the aftermath consequences; let an injury attorney help you get the best from the situation.

4. Blind Spot Accidents

Trucks are generally more challenging to control than your ordinary vehicle. And in accident blackspots, it’s not uncommon to find trucks most of the time.

Consequently, beyond delaying shipment arrival time and traffic to other road users, blind spot accidents can lead to massive losses. To ensure your future and job safety is guaranteed, contact an injury attorney before taking any measure.

5. Underside Accidents

Also called under-ride incidents, these are some of the most serious and grave types of truck accidents. These involve when another can gets jammed under the trailer.

These accidents are dangerous and require strong legal representation. Get the best legal injury attorney to help you with under-ride accidents.

What Are The Most Common Trucker-Trailer Injures?

Again, there are multiple injuries that could emanate from trucker injuries. However, when you take a close look, a few injuries stick out like a sore thumb. Some of these include;

· Broken bones

· Neck and back injuries

· Paralysis

· Impairment and loss of limbs

What Should You Do When Injured In A Truck Accident?

If you’re the victim of a truck incident, the first step is contacting the authorities. If possible, you can call 911 or request a specific person to do it for you. Afterward, contact any emergency contact you may need to, and then get in touch with your injury attorney. Following this sequence of events improves your odds of receiving the best settlement from these trucking accidents.

Moreover, most people want to know if they should call an attorney if they don’t have life-threatening injuries or claims. The simple answer to this is yes; you should definitely call your attorney. With guided legal advice, you’ll identify any areas that could potentially benefit your claim.

Trucks are part of the current and future transport. And while all accidents cannot be avoided, if you’re involved in one, you know the steps to take to guarantee your claims. And remember to contact the attorney in good time; you may miss out on a claim simply because you waited too long.

Get a professional injury attorney and get the best legal representation and increase your claims. If you have been involved in a tractor-trailer accident and need compensation call us at Stambaugh Law York, PA today!

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