Tractor-trailers are some of the heaviest vehicles on the road, typically weighing 80,000 pounds or more. Compared to other vehicles they can cause far more damage even if they hit a smaller vehicle on the road. Hence it is the responsibility of the companies or individuals who are driving these vehicles to ensure that they drive safely, abide by all the traffic rules and do not cause injuries to anyone. However, statistical data indicates that thousands of people are involved in accidents caused by these vehicles. Personal injury laws ensure that a person who is suffering from a tractor-trailer injury or has a family member who is fatally injured gets the compensation he deserves to compensate for the financial loss.

The accident data available indicates that many of the accidents are taking place because the driver is speeding or driver fatigue. The drivers are employees or independent contractors working for trucking companies and they often have to meet delivery targets. Hence they may cross the speed limits or are careless leading to the truck accident. In other cases, the company may force the driver to work very long hours, resulting in driver fatigue due to lack of rest and sleep. There are instances when the driver goes off to sleep while driving the vehicle, resulting in an accident.

Compared to other road accidents many of the truck accidents are more likely to be fatal resulting in the death of one or more persons due to the large size of the vehicle. In other cases, the victims of the accident may suffer from serious injuries which could leave the person crippled and requiring medical attention for the rest of his life. This can adversely affect the income of the person since he will usually not be able to retain his job or provide any professional services. Hence it is important for a person who has a family member or is personally involved in the accident to ensure that he gets the settlement he deserves.

Since the damage caused by truck trailer accidents is usually more than other vehicle accidents, the trucking companies and drivers will often avoid taking responsibility for the accident and may try to shift the blame to the victim or others. For example, the driver may try to influence the police report of the accident and falsely claim that the victim or other driver had violated traffic rules. In other cases, when the accident is caused due to fatigue or overwork, the driver may try to manipulate the logbook, to avoid paying large penalties and compensation.

Hence anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in a truck trailer accident should hire the services of an experienced personal injury attorney firm like Stambaugh Law to get the compensation they deserve. The law firm has been providing the legal services for more than 29 years in Pennsylvania, and have handled a large number of personal injury cases, including tractor-trailer and truck accidents. They are aware of the intricacies of personal injuries and ensure that the victims and their family members get personalized attention while getting the settlement.

The legal team at Stambaugh law is aware of the state as well as federal laws which are applicable in case of the tractor-trailer, truck accidents. Hence they work closely with their clients to ensure that all the relevant evidence, like the driver logs are preserved properly and not manipulated. Similarly the truck owners and trucking companies do not properly maintain the vehicles resulting in malfunctioning which could lead to accidents. The law firm can arrange for an investigator, who will investigate the event and take photographs, videos, which can help reconstruct the event.

Since Stambaugh law has handled a large number of truck trailer accidents, they do not accept the evidence provided by the trucking companies at face value, since it may be manipulated. They also check other related evidence like fuel records, GPS data, toll receipts, trip sheets and bills of lading. In many cases, the trucker is tired and has not taken adequate rest resulting in the accident, hence the trucking company is liable for the accident. The law firm will also determine a fair amount as compensation after considering the financial losses caused by the accident. Hence individuals who are adversely affected by a trailer truck accident should contact Stambaugh Law for a free consultation to get get the right compensation.

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