You aren’t obligated by law to hire a disability lawyer to handle your disability case; however, statistics have shown that you increase your chances of getting your benefits approved by more than 50% (especially at hearing level) just by hiring a disability lawyer. Social Security’s own statistics have found representation to be critical when it comes to receiving (SSD or Social Security Disability) or (SSI/Supplemental Security Income) disability benefits.

Why do I need a disability lawyer?

You need a disability attorney to help you during any stage of your disability case from filling an initial application to filling the first and second appeal. An attorney can also represent you during a hearing.
The United States government via social security has programs in place to ensure citizens who become disabled are compensated fairly. However, the application process tends to be complicated. The same applies to other application processes (even those involving insured claimants).

Disability case application process

The process of launching a disability claim (such as a Social Security Disability claim or Supplemental Security Income claim) can be complex, confusing and time-consuming. Disability attorneys are experienced in handling SSD/SSI claims among other types of disability claims. They know the documents that must be filed as well as the step-by-step process including the evidence required and deadlines that must be met. It’s worth noting that you can lose your disability benefits because of something as small as failing to meet a deadline. That’s why hiring a competent attorney to give you legal advice is key in this process.

The role of a disability lawyer in a hearing

Most disability cases require hearings in front of administrative law judges. If your case requires a hearing, you need a disability attorney to help you gather past and present medical documents from your providers. Your attorney should also help you input these documents properly in the social security system if you have a social security disability claim. This will ensure all the evidence needed is available to the administrative law judge in question to allow fair ruling.

Besides inputting documents, attorneys also have the legal and medical research/knowledge needed to support a case. They know the questions that are asked and the key documents or tests that must be discussed. Most importantly, they know the evidence judges look at during proceedings. Disability attorneys also carry out important tasks like cross-examining experts to ensure they consider facts and offer relevant opinions.

You can handle a social security disability claim alone; however, administrative law judges tend to consider such efforts as work-like activity diluting your claim for maximum benefits if you can’t offer a clear answer when questioned on this. Let’s not even mention the risk of getting unfair benefits because you lack the technical knowledge and experience regarding disability claims.
In a nutshell, there’s NO need to handle a disability claim on your own when you can work with a law firm like Stambaugh Law that handles disability cases on a contingency basis. You don’t pay anything if you don’t win yet all the work is done for you by experienced lawyers who have been handling disability claims in York, PA for 29+ years.

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