Although construction sites are subject to strict safety laws and codes, accidents still occur. In fact, accidents happen in the construction industry more than in all other job sectors combined. In regards to fatalities, construction sites cause approximately 20% of worker deaths in the U.S. private industry sector yearly.

Factors contributing to construction site accidents

The leading cause of site accidents, as well as fatalities in constructions sites, is falls, getting struck by objects, pipefitter accidents, electrocution and getting caught inside or in between trenches, tools or heavy equipment. Even the safest of all construction sites are still prone to accidents which can live you dead or with life-changing injuries.

Common accidents in construction sites

You can suffer a multitude of injuries in a construction site. The injuries range from burns, head/brain injuries, eye injuries, broken bones, loss of limbs, back, neck or shoulder injuries to spinal cord injuries and death.

Do you need a lawyer if you/a loved one get involved in a construction site accident?

You can attempt to navigate a construction accident claim on your own; however, it’s worth noting you will be facing an extremely complicated legal system. You risk failing to get the compensation you deserve if you decide to handle a construction site accident alone. Getting legal representation is crucial for managing every aspect of the case including identifying the type of claim.

Third-party claims

Accidents can happen in a construction site because of third parties, i.e. a manufacturer of a defective construction site tool that happens to cause injury. A subcontractor can also create unsafe work site conditions resulting in an accident. Third party claims are already complicated by the mere fact that they are caused by third parties. The importance of experienced lawyers can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

Code violations

Employers are also guilty of causing accidents in construction sites directly when they don’t follow building and safety codes. Examples of common code violations in construction sites include; using unsafe equipment, fire code violations as well as ignoring stop work orders when construction is found to do in a dangerous manner.
There are many other types of claims including those caused by equipment failure and flying/falling objects. Almost all types of claims in construction sites share one thing in common – they are complex. Evidence also tends to disappear fast on construction sites. Without experienced investigators and expert handling your case, your chances of losing or receiving an unfair settlement are high.
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