It’s worth noting that personal injury lawyers aren’t obligated to offer free consultations. However, the best personal injury law firms (like Stambaugh Law) do so. They also go further and take up cases on a contingency basis meaning you won’t pay any legal fees if you don’t win a case. If you have a case and you reside in York, PA or nearby, consider Stambaugh Law, a renowned law firm with 29+ years of experience handling personal injury cases.

It’s easy to establish if a law firm offers a free consultation. You just need to visit their website. The information should be readily available on the home page. You can also call or email them. Here are other considerations to make.

Information/documentation to carry

Once you identify a suitable lawyer, you need to approach them when you are equipped with information about your case. To make the free consultation as fast and seamless as possible, carry all the information/documentation you need. This includes but isn’t limited to; accident reports, photographs of the injury and accident scene, police investigation notes, witness statements and/or witness contact information, doctor’s notes, MRI and X-ray results, receipts on all related costs, car and health insurance cards and information as well as information about the “at fault” party. You should have this information and anything else you think will help your attorney understand and expedite the case.

Giving a detailed account

Over and above the information you carry, you will be required to provide a detailed account of the accident. You need to provide your lawyer with detailed information on how the accident happened. You should expect to answer questions that provoke more information. In this stage, personal injury attorneys usually assess their clients for believability. This step also helps attorneys decide whether they need to take or turn down a case. If they take the case, the information gathered will also help them coach you for probable scenarios in the future, like a deposition.

To ensure you offer a consistent account of what happened and you don’t leave out anything, take notes before you visit your lawyer. You should detail as much information as possible including; what happened before, during as well as after the accident. Remember to record details like; time, place, weather conditions, what you felt/experienced, medical treatment received, effects of the injuries on your social, personal, and work life.

Ask questions

Free consultations are for both parties (you and your personal injury lawyer) to get as much information as you need about the case. When preparing the information/documentation, you should write down any questions you have about the case. Since time is always a factor when it comes to legal matters, having questions ready beforehand can save you precious time. Personal injury victims have a multitude of questions ranging from how you will take care of treatment costs to when you should expect to be compensated. If you are also wondering about the lawyer’s qualifications and tactics, ask those questions. A good experienced personal injury lawyer shouldn’t have problems answering any questions you may have during your free consultation session or guiding you accordingly.

You can get a free consultation with Stambaugh Law, if you reside in York, PA or nearby contact us.

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