By the time you read this article September’s Open House Weekend at Harley’s Final Assembly Plant in York will be in the History Books.  Big changes in the schedule this year so we will see how it went when I check in with you in November.

November???  Already???  That means York County Harley Davidson Owner’s Association’s Toy Run is, as always, the first Saturday in November, which this year is November 3rd.  Join YCHDOA for the 22nd Annual Toy Run to deliver joy to the children fighting for their lives at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.  Sign up is at the East York Wal-Mart from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  The Ride leaves at 1:00 p.m.  This is a Guided / Police Escorted / Group Ride.  It is THE LAST Charity Ride of the year.  Let’s make it HUGE for the kids.

Next up in the Law Dog corner is the Election we have on Tuesday, November 6th.  As I have watched this Election Season unfold I have come to realize that we face the fight of our lifetimes.  The choice we make this Election will decide the fate of our Nation.  We truly face a choice between Socialism on one hand and a Constitutional Republic on the other hand.  It’s that simple.  Either Trump gets a voting majority in the House and Senate (voting majorities are more than a simple majority), or he doesn’t.  If he does, we can secure our borders, secure “fair trade” and the American jobs that will come with it, and continue down the road to financial recovery.  If not, the Socialists will mire the Nation in open borders, trade deals that punish American businesses, more “PC” culture, etc., and we will be on the road to Venezuela.  Keep in mind that Trump is fighting not only the Democratic Left (there are no more Blue Dog Democrats like there were in our parents’ generation), but also deeply entrenched Establishment Republicans.  President Trump is and has always been the Blue Collar Billionaire.  He needs our support at the polls.

We elect our next Governor in November.  We have a choice, State Senator / Businessman / Republican outsider Scott Wagner or Socialist Tom Wolf.  We are also going to elect a United States Senator.  It’s radical leftist Bob Casey (his Dad would be ashamed) against Republican Lou Barletta, who has pledged to support President Trump’s Agenda across the board.  Last, we cannot rest easy this year because all of the US House Congressional Districts were redrawn by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Previously secure Republican US House seats are no longer secure.  Any losses in Pennsylvania will have nothing to do with a Trump backlash, rather it will be because the Democrats stacked the deck, big time.  And it’s all legal.

The only way we can fight back is to have a huge turn-out.  So, let’s save Pennsylvania and Make America Great Again; elect Scott Wagner for Governor and Lou Barletta for the United States Senate.  You will have to check out who is running for your local Congressional seat because it will have changed for many of us.

Last and as always, every biker in Pennsylvania needs to join ABATE.  ABATE is our only Voice in Harrisburg.  Similarly, if you own or may ever want to own a gun, you need to join the NRA.  In all things United we stand, divided we fall.  See you on the road.

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