Motorcycles have obvious shortfalls when compared to cars. For instance, they tend to be less stable and visible. They also deny riders the crucial protection of being in an enclosed vehicle which increases the likelihood of serious injuries or even death during an accident. According to recent U.S. federal government data, the number of fatalities on motorcycles is approximately 28 times the number in vehicles per mile traveled. In a nutshell, your chances of getting a motorcycle accident injury are very high.

Common motorcycle accident injuries

The most common motorcycle accident injuries are;

1. Head injuries:

Many riders are guilty of riding without helmets. These types of riders are the most susceptible to head trauma injuries. A rider who suffers a head injury has a higher likelihood of dying than a rider who suffers injuries on other parts of the body. This explains why it is mandatory for riders as well as their passengers to wear a helmet in states like Tennessee.

2. Road rash:

This is another common motorcycle accident injury. Bikers who swerve or lay down their bikes to avoid crashes tend to suffer from this injury. A road rash injury happens when a rider scraps their body along hard road surfaces like pavements and tarmac. This injury can occur at any speed. Road rash causes severe abrasions that may need grafting to avoid nerve damage and infections.

3. Foot injuries:

Foot/leg fractures are undoubtedly the most prevalent non-fatal motorcycle accident injuries. Many motorcyclists injure their legs since they tend to be more exposed and motorcycles hit or fall on a biker’s legs during an accident. Typical foot injuries include; broken legs, broken foot bones, torn knee ligaments, and twisted ankles. In extreme cases, foot injuries can demand amputation to control bleeding.

4. Arm injuries:

Motorcyclists tend to protect themselves with their hands when they are thrown into the air in an accident. This reflex action results in serious arm injuries. The hard landing usually results in injuries like; broken arms, broken elbows, torn rotator cuffs, fractured fingers as well as nerve damage on upper extremities. Serious arm injuries can lead to nerve damage or amputation.

5. Pelvic and torso trauma:

Most motorcycle accidents force bikers to roll on the road resulting in pelvic fractures and dislocated hip joints. These injuries take time to heal. They also force victims to stay immobile. The injuries have added risks like causing internal bleeding and organ perforation.

6. Neck injuries:

Motorcyclists who are hit from behind tend to suffer neck injuries when they are thrown backward in a crash. Neck injuries can occur even when a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet. In extreme cases, neck injuries can damage the spine causing partial or total paralysis.

A motorcycle accident injury can leave you/a loved one seriously injured, paralyzed or dead. Since third parties cause a significant number of motorcycle accidents, you need a personal injury lawyer to argue your case and get you a fair settlement.

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