Car Accident Lawyer: Do You Need One?

People who are involved in car accidents many be tempted to handle the cases on their own. However, car accidents can leave victims with life-changing injuries. You can become disabled because of a car accident. You could also end up with huge property damage claims. Many jurisdictions in the U.S. allow people to seek financial compensation for car accident related losses; however, you must prove that the accident was as a result of someone else’s negligence. It’s difficult to do this without a car accident lawyer unless you are a lawyer yourself. Even in cases when your case seems to have an obvious outcome, you need to consider getting legal help. Here are two instances that warrant the use of a car accident lawyer.

1. When establishing negligence is difficult

Car accidents happen fast, and victims may take actions that may make it hard to establish negligence. For instance, you are not supposed to move your vehicle after an accident. Sometimes victims can blame each other resulting in instances where liability is contested. In such a case, you need a car accident lawyer to establish negligence. Lawyers who are specialized in car accidents know precisely where to look/how to look for evidence to support your case.

2. When you inadvertently admit fault

It is recommendable to avoid admitting or denying fault in the event of an accident. Establishing fault is the work of investigative agencies. However, your insurer may require you to answer some questions when you are launching a claim. Remember, insurance companies are businesses out to make money. Most of them train their adjusters to reduce claim payouts even in cases where there are valid claims.

Your insurer can attempt to obtain a statement/ask you certain questions hoping you will inadvertently admit full/partial liability which then determines your ability to seek compensation and/or how much you can claim. Attorneys specialized in car accident claims know how to deal with insurance companies that will do everything in their power to avoid fair compensations. You will get all the legal help you need to ensure you don’t admit fault.

Is it worth the cost?

The value of a lawyer increases with the severity of a claim/the stakes of the case. If a car accident results in serious injuries and/or hefty property damage claims, the cost of hiring a lawyer is totally warranted. You can negotiate a minor fender bender claim with no injuries involved; however, if you are injured and need to settle thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions in claims/cost, you must hire a lawyer.

Insurance adjusters work to reduce damages and try to get insured persons to accept low settlement offers. This is a fact with many studies to prove it including a notable one done by the Insurance Research Council in 1999. According to the study, claimants represented by lawyers receive 3.5 times more settlement money compared to claimants who aren’t represented. Besides benefiting from having an attorney negotiate your damages accordingly, threats of a lawsuit pile pressure on insurance companies to offer fair settlements.

Cost of hiring a car accident lawyer

Cost is not an issue when you are working with a law firm with reputable car accident lawyers like Stambaugh Law. The law firm has 29 years experience in helping car accident victims get fair compensation.

The best law firms taken on car accident cases on a contingency basis meaning they don’t get paid if they don’t win the case. This makes hiring a lawyer risk-free. Furthermore, you are assured the lawyer will have your best interests at heart because their income and reputation is on the line.

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