A car accident that is about to occur

Legal representation tends to be viewed as an unnecessary expense in the event of a car accident which seems to have an apparent victim. However, nothing is obvious about the outcome of car accident cases. So, should you hire a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Yes and here’s why;

1. The driver (who was at fault) can deny causing the accident

Not everyone is honest enough to admit fault in the event of a car accident even when it is obviously their fault. Since you can’t force someone to claim responsibility, the best cause of action to take is to hire a car accident attorney. If you did not cause an accident, only a skilled car accident attorney can be able to prove you are innocent if the other party to the accident denies wrongdoing despite it being evident that they were on the wrong.

2. You may have partial responsibly

Most car accidents are more than one person’s fault. You may presume innocence but be partially responsible. This is precisely why most car accident cases involve legal methods such as modified comparative fault in an effort to apportion damages where there are many parties at fault. Under modified comparative fault, you are eligible to receive compensation if you meet a certain threshold, i.e., you are 49% or less to blame for the accident. It’s therefore clear why you need to hire an attorney if you have partial responsibility, i.e., a legal process determines your compensation.

3. Car insurance companies are known to act in bad faith

Even in cases where you are not at fault, and the other driver has claimed responsibility, insurance companies still have the motive to avoid paying you what you deserve. Car insurance companies are known to act in bad faith by refusing to pay valid claims. Insurers can go as far as “tricking” insured persons into accepting liability for the sole purpose of reducing the compensation amount victims get or denying them compensation completely. You need a skilled and experienced car accident lawyer to defend you when dealing with an insurer who acts in bad faith.

4. You may incur additional current and future costs eligible for compensation

Car accidents don’t just result in car damage costs and hospital bills. Car accident victims struggle emotionally and financially if the accident results in a job/income loss. Car accident victims need to cater for additional costs such as physical therapy and rehabilitation costs in case an accident results in disability. If you act on your claim independently, you may not be able to capture and recover such costs. Most auto insurance companies cover such costs but don’t let their clients known in the event of a claim.

5. Your damages may exceed the other driver’s car insurance coverage

This is another scenario that warrants a car accident attorney. If you are claiming more than what is covered in the other driver’s car insurance coverage, you need a skilled and experienced car accident lawyer to pursue other avenues of getting you the compensation you deserve, i.e., going after personal assets/property of the driver who injured you.

It’s clear why you must hire an attorney for an auto car accident that wasn’t your fault. Experienced car accident attorneys in Stambaugh like Stambaugh Law have 29+ years of experience dealing with car accident cases in Stambaugh and neighboring environs. Stambaugh Law can collect evidence on your behalf to show the other driver/s caused the accident. We can also prove financial loss and other damages ensuring you get the compensation that you deserve without filing a lawsuit or going to court.

Car accident cases can make or break your future. Never attempt to handle a car accident case yourself even if you are certain the accident wasn’t your fault.

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