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An estimated 6 million car accidents happen every year in the US, leading to loss of life and serious injuries. Victims of car accidents or their families have legal grounds to seek compensation if someone else’s recklessness causes the accident. At Stambaugh Law in York, PA, auto accident cases are our specialty. We will help you get the bet restitution for your pain and loss.

Common car accident injuries

Minor car accident injuries include cuts and bruises, whiplash, and neck injuries. The damage is restricted to the muscles and tendons. Recovery may be fast from these injuries, but psychological trauma may linger on for a while.

Serious injuries include brain and spinal injuries and bone fractures. These happen from the blunt force in the impact, and the fracture or neurological damage may be life-threatening. Some of the severe auto accident injury cases involve:

Back injuries

Back injuries in auto accidents include sprains and strains, torn ligaments, and overstretched muscles. Back injuries can lead to long-term pain and strained mobility. In some cases, victims suffer spinal injuries that lead to pain, limited movement, or paralysis.

Herniated discs

Lumbar dislocation is another common auto accident injury. The issue is characterized by radicular pain, and victims may also have broken bones on top of the herniated disc.

Traumatic brain injuries

The forceful impact of an auto accident can cause severe head and brain injury. These include skull fractures, brain damage, and the clotting of blood inside the brain.

Neck injuries

Whiplash is a popular type of neck injury in auto accidents. It happens when the car suddenly stops, and the head jolts forcefully further from the back. Whiplash causes severe neck pain, upper back pain, and visual disturbances.

Broken Bones and fractures

Car accident victims can suffer simple fractures, compound fractures, or hairline fractures in the arms, hips, ribs, or the pelvis area.

What are the causes of car accidents?

The major causes of car accidents include drunk driving, distracted driving, and over speeding. Victims of car accidents can be drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.

Drunk driving: As a leading cause of car accidents, drunk driving claims more than 10,000 American lives every year.

Distracted driving: The top distractions that lead to accidents on the road include texting or making phone calls when driving.

Aggressive driving: Over speeding, overlapping, and flouting traffic rules can lead to accidents. If you are a victim of car accidents resulting from aggressive driving, Stambaugh Law will ensure that the responsible parties pay for their recklessness.

un-roadworthy vehicles: Old cars with damaged or defective parts are also a significant contributor to the millions of car accidents on American roads. New cars may also come with faulty parts that lead to accidents, and seeking justice here means taking the fight to big auto companies.

Do I need to hire an attorney for my auto accident case?

It’s advisable to contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident. Whether it’s a crash or a head-on collision, car accident lawyers can weigh your options regarding damages. In this case, the latter refers to the compensation that you may legally be eligible for as payment for your pain and suffering.

Apart from physical injuries, car accidents can cause:

  • Financial stress from hefty medical bills
  • Loss of income and ability to work
  • Loss of ability to love and enjoy life as before
  • Loss of life
  • Emotional anguish

An attorney specializing in car accidents can help you pursue justice to get the compensation that covers for all these damages. You could pursue a claim personally with the responsible party or their insurance, but what you get may not adequately cover your pain and impacted life.

Besides, insurance companies have in-house lawyers. Where you are a genuine victim, these defense attorneys may prove that their client was not responsible for the accident. Therefore, you need a legal expert to balance the scales and help you prove your case.

Stambaugh Law Personal Injury will protect your interests. From the very start, they will ensure that the antagonist party funds your medical bills. They will deal with insurance lawyers and represent your best interests in settlement negotiations.

From investigations to filing the claim, car accident victims are needed to understand what the law says. A car accident lawyer does the legwork for you. They will pursue the case on your behalf as you focus on the recovery. An experienced attorney will make it easy for you and help you get a just compensation fast.

Need a car accident lawyer in York, PA? Stambaugh Law can help you get the best compensation for your damages. We have 30 years of experience and a track record of big verdicts in auto accident injury cases in York, PA. Talk to us at 717-846-1400.

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