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6 Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Ideally, the justice system is supposed to operate as a sort of checks and balances for a society. If a person or different party has wronged you or done something unlawful, you can always trust the justice system to help you out. Well, at least that would be the case in a perfect system.

There are, undoubtedly, numerous irregularities in the justice system. While you may be on the right, and even follow every procedure to the letter, your claim can still get denied. In fact, according to various sources, only about 4% of personal injury claims proceed to the trial stage.

This means that if you’re filing a claim based on personal injury, you need to follow the processes meticulously. Additionally, you’ll need expert advice and assistance to make sure a small omittance or overlook doesn’t cost you the whole case. At Stambaugh Law, the lawyers are well equipped with the knowledge, passion, and resources to help you through the process of filing your filing a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims fall into various categories such as motor vehicle accidents, nursing home neglect, construction site injuries, tractor-trailer injuries, brain injury, and motorcycle injuries. With each of these personal injury cases, you need an advocate’s assistance to help you through the legal hoops and other processes. That said, the legal procedure of filing a claim related to personal injury is somewhat similar in most cases. Thus, here’s a comprehensive look at how you should go about filing your personal injury claim.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

When involved in an accident or personal injury, the very first action to take is to get medical help. In some cases –even serious ones such as brain injury, the damage could take some time before it being noticed.

Additionally, not seeking medical intervention could later be used against you in your personal injury case. The defendant could easily argue there was no harm caused as you did not seek any medical help, and this could water down your compensation, or have the case dismissed altogether.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

It is not uncommon for some people to settle claims on their own. This is especially seen in minor incidents or injuries that don’t incur too many medical bills.

However, while it’s perfectly okay to settle a claim on your own, you should still get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. In some cases, there may be legal information you may not be aware of, such as the statute of limitations, which caps the time you have to file a suit.

Whether you think your personal injury case is big or small, get in touch with Stambaugh Law for an in-depth analysis of your options and way forward.

Set Up a Claim

After you’ve contacted a personal injury attorney, they’ll help you come up with a fitting injury claim, which is then delivered to the party responsible for the injuries. The claim often helps hasten the settling and deal-making process.

Information Gathering and Injury Treatment

While you continue with the medical treatment of your injuries, you need to gather as much relevant information as possible. This means talking to your doctor about the full extent of the damages as well as what ongoing and future treatments are required.

Additionally, you need to compile all the medical invoices and records, estimates on additional damage to your vehicle or property, records of loss of wages, and so on. This will serve as evidence should the claim go to court.

Negotiate a Settlement Deal

Your personal injury attorney can help you make a demand asking for compensation either from the person responsible or their insurance company representative. This step can either take place before or after filing a claim.

File a Lawsuit or Get to a Deal

Through the negotiations, if you are happy with what the other party offers, you can call it a day and accept the offer. However, if the respondent doesn’t match your claim offer, you can now proceed to file a claim seeking compensation for the injuries and incurred damages.

After this, the lawyer will now help you navigate the particulars of your claim as each personal injury claim has a different approach.

In a just system, being compensated for personal injuries and property damage should be a clear-cut case. That, unfortunately, is not always the case. This is why you need a Stambaugh Law attorney to help you navigate the process and get what you rightly deserve. Get in touch today with a personal injury attorney from Stambaugh Law and rest easy knowing your claim is as good as settled.

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