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Justice denied, as is so often eloquently put, is justice denied. Getting a just ruling should never be a case of waiting. If you have a claim, it is only right to have the case heard and ruled on as soon as possible. This ensures that all parties involved are held accountable or compensated, depending rightly according to the claims leveled.

Unfortunately, since the law significantly boils down to interpretation, getting the right lawyer is more often than not, the difference between winning a suit and having it dismissed from court. Personal injuries from a significant bit of active cases. All the same, most people aren’t always sure when it’s okay to involve a personal injury attorney in the case.

Do you have a case you feel would need the professional intervention of a personal injury attorney? While PIs cover a vast array of cases, some of the top legal areas you can approach a personal injury attorney include:


Insurance is one of the mandated requirements in most regions. This notwithstanding, insurance firms are notorious for dismissing claims from those who got injured through car accidents.

At Stambaugh Law, you’ll always have a voice through the experienced and professional lawyers who’ll help you get the justice you deserve. You should never have to be punished or denied justice based on someone else’s misconduct. If you were involved in a car accident from another party’s negligence or factors outside your control, you deserve to be rightly compensated for the wage losses, medical bills, and other costs incurred.


The justice system works in perfect symphony with other fields and sectors. This is perhaps best displayed with cases of brain injury. In itself, brain injuries are hard to diagnose and needs meticulous and thorough attention.

A personal injury lawyer from Stambaugh Law can help you get justice if you or a loved one is diagnosed with brain injury. You can also approach a PI lawyer if you notice the signs of brain injury so they can help you better understand where the law stands and the best legal recourse to pursue.


The situation in York, Pennsylvania, is not unique when it comes to nursing homes and care for the elderly. Too often, you’ll hear of a case where an elderly person at a nursing home was injured as a result of neglect.

If you’re ever in a situation where you or someone you love comes to harm from negligence, you should consult with a personal injury attorney.


At one point, working in a construction site was considered one of the most dangerous jobs. A lot of reforms and guidelines have been put in place to minimize this risk and ensure the safety of construction site workers. However, injuries from construction sites are still somewhat common, and should you ever be injured from working in a construction site; you can rely on Stambaugh Law personal injury lawyers to ensure justice is served.


An injury to the spine or joints such as shoulders, knees, hips, and wrists can be incapacitating. Some people have had their lives disrupted as a result of injuries to the spine and joints due to another party’s inattention. Should you ever come to harm, and your joints or spine are no longer optimally functional, Stambaugh Law is willing and able to represent you legally.


Collisions between tractors and other vehicles are often gruesome and catastrophic. At Stambaugh Law, the personal injury attorneys will ensure that should you or a loved ever be involved in such accidents, you’ll get a fair hearing and the best representation in court. In some cases, the damage is more than can ever be repaid, but the PI lawyers will ensure you get every bit of justice due.


On a typical day in traffic, motorcyclists are in an active danger field. From cars that break without warning, to those that change lanes without caring to signal. These acts can put any motorcycle enthusiast in grave danger, a fact evident from the startling number of injuries relating to motorcycles. At Stambaugh Law, however, you can be assured of justice if you’re ever in a motorcycle accident caused by careless drivers and other parties.

Truth is, there’s a lot covered by Stambaugh Law personal injury attorneys. The abovementioned cases are just but a few, and should you ever come to any harm from another party acting irresponsibly; you can be assured of your day in court and a fair ruling.

Stambaugh Law is open by appointment only, and if you require the personal injury representation or counsel services, you can contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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