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In the recent past, motorcycles have become a relatively common mode of transportation. Motorbikes are not only cool; they are also economical, environmentally friendly, and in most cases, more efficient than other modes of transport.

Unfortunately, the increase in motorbike use has also escalated motorcycle accidents and injury. Statistically, injuries from motorcycles are 30 times more fatal than those resulting from cars. As a result, it’s always better to ensure you follow all MOTORCYCLE SEASON SAFETY TIPS at all times. Additionally, should you be the victim of a motorcycle injury incident, get the best lawyers at Stambaugh Law.

So, what are some of the easy safety tips used by top motorcycling enthusiasts? Stambaugh being a biker himself has shared a few of his trusted safety tips for every rider. These safety tips include;

1. Gear up

Some bikers are more interested in the aesthetics of riding rather than the safety aspect. This, however, should never be the case. As you get the best bike, remember to incorporate the appropriate riding gear.

While you may want to take a stroll on your motorbike, a t-shirt, shorts, or sandals may sound cool, but you may end up exposed to more harm.

Safety gear such as reinforced and leather jackets, boots, gloves, pants, and helmets are essential for every biker. If you opt for open-faced helmets, remember to add goggles or glasses for extra protection.

2. Regularly Inspect and Maintain your Ride

To ensure your ride serves you for long, you’ll need to service it regularly. Never put off apparent repairs. Not only do these overdue repairs reduce the value and aesthetics of your motorcycle, but they also increase your chances of getting into an accident. Consult with your motorcycle dealer or mechanic for details on how often you should service your ride.

Additionally, each time you’re about to take a ride, you should first investigate the bike’s conditions. Check the tire pressure, lights, and mirror’s conditions. Moreover, ensure you have enough gas to avoid disruptions during your ride.

3. Stick to what you know

Sometimes, riders get tempted to try audacious maneuvers on their bikes. And while some of these tricks and maneuvers look really great, they require some expertise.

You could quickly get hurt when you try and imitate professional stunts. Some of these stunts take endless hours of continuous practice and professional intervention to execute.

So, while it may appear collar, it is definitely more dangerous. Moreover, there’s no reason anyone should influence you to show off any masterful riding skills.

If you must try some of these stunts, ensure they happen under maximum supervision and in the right circumstances. And even when you’ve mastered these skills, you should be cautious about when and where you can show them off. For example, it would be safer to try these skill moves and stunts in a park instead of the road.

Riding a motorbike requires your spatial and environmental awareness. The safer you ride, the lower your chances of being involved in an accident.

4. Check the Weather Forecast

Riding your motorbike may be hampered by the weather. While motorcycles come with an array of benefits and privileges, the weather remains an essential factor.

Some weather conditions may increase your chances of getting into a road accident. When it’s raining or foggy, for instance, drivers won’t see you clearly, making it riskier to ride at such times. Additionally, when it’s snowing, the roads can get slippery. Before mounting your bike, have a quick glance at the day’s weather, and then you can plan accordingly.

5. When to carry a Passenger

Sure, you want to show off your new bike to your family and friends. And in some cases, they’ll likely ask if you can give them a ride or if they can try the bike out.

Remember, if something happens when you’ve lent out your bike, you’ll likely be held culpable. At the same time, riding your bike may be a different experience altogether if you have an extra passenger.

These tips will help you minimize your chances of getting into an accident. However, should the unavoidable happen, you can always trust Stambaugh Law to get you a fair deal from legal proceedings! Now, you can focus your efforts on the road and perfect your riding skills.

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