It’s factual that no stack of money could replace a family member or a loved one. However, a fruitful compensation claim from an organization could offer the much-required funds to take you through the fatal work injuries in Pennsylvania.

The majority of Pennsylvania employers ensure to maintain a safe working environment as the law requires. Despite the safety measures kept in place, there are on-the-job incidents that happen every day. At times they tend to be fatal for employees. It leaves the families of the victim in grief and pain of death and financial constraints after losing the deceased’s income.

It’s for this reason that a personal injury lawyer comes in to make your work easier and successful. In Pennsylvania, the attorneys have extensive experience in such severe cases. With positive online reviews, you get all your claims in place without breaking a sweat.

What is the importance of Pennsylvania work fatality statistics?

Occupational fatalities, also called workplace fatalities, aim to protect workers from unsafe working environments and the personal risks they face. Having work fatality data is crucial to help understand the kind of incidents that workers experience, how the company’s policies help in such situations, and ensure that their safety is not at stake.

It paints a clear picture of how companies handle responsibilities towards their workers’ safety. Keep in mind that each organization should take charge in preventing any incidents that risk the life of employees. In case of accidents, the statistics help track the worst incidents and the most in Pennsylvanian workplaces.

However, these fatalities are highly preventable; thus, there should be paramount approaches for interventions.

How can employers easily reduce accidents?

When an accident happens at your workplace, it disorients a lot of things. It leads to not only mental and physical harm to the employees, but also it poses a financial threat to your employers. Instead of that “band-aid” fix all the time when something accidental happens, employers should seek prevention measures at the workstation as a priority. For instance:

Supervise Employees

Whether your occupation, be it an office or a construction site, offer your workers enough supervision. It helps them understand their tasks and gets them easy access to a supervisor if any issues or questions arise. Lack of a supervisor might make a worker unsure of the task they are performing, making them panic and suppose something goes wrong such as equipment damage or injury.

Discourage Risky Behavior

Sometimes, you will come across workers who push themselves so hard to create an impression using their strength. Some do this to increase output, hoping for a raise. Others might be having injuries but start to work even before they fully recover. Workers should avoid such behaviors at the workplace.

Companies should review procedures and policies.

After a year, it would be best for companies to review their procedures and policies after accidents. They should touch on the risks that workers face. Suppose your working method changes or moves you to another location; the safety and health committee should update the documents to cover all incidents.

Conduct pre-placement physicals

Companies should train workers on how to perform some tasks. Some accidents will happen out of ignorance, whereby an inexperienced person is not physically capable of doing specific work. Therefore, a company should screen their applicants before any placements to safeguard them and offer the correct positions that match their physical capabilities.

Educate management staff and employees

It would help if you taught the workers the importance of following safety guides every time they are on their duties. You should offer supplemental training such as body mechanics to lower strain injuries to protect them when moving and lifting.

Speak to a Pennsylvania Personal Work Injury Lawyer

With that said, suppose you have lost a close person in a workplace accident; you shouldn’t feel alone. So many people are undergoing the same situation, but some lawyers are willing to help you. They navigate the worker’s compensation system to gain the benefits.

The Pennsylvania attorneys have represented thousands of workers and are looking forward to the reduced trend as fatal injuries at the workplace in Pennsylvania continue. Stambaugh Law is an established law firm in York, PA with over 29 years of experience. Therefore, they know how frustrating the claiming process could be, and they are ready to assist people struggling with an employee’s injury claim.

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