According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), over 2.3 million people in the U.S. find themselves in hospital emergency departments every year as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Many more are affected directly and indirectly. Approximately 35,000 people (1.5% of the 2.3 million) die as a result of car crashes. Therefore, your chances of being a victim of an auto accident whether directly or indirectly are very high. The stakes are also high given car accidents leave many people with disabilities among other shortfalls like loss of income. If you don’t have a good vehicle accident lawyer to handle your case or a loved one’s case, your chances of a full recovery (living a comfortable/normal life after a car accident) are very slim.

Why do you need a vehicle accident lawyer?

Besides monetary compensation, auto accident victims and their families need counseling services to cope with the psychological trauma caused by accidents. Furthermore, different jurisdictions have different deadlines for filing personal injury claims. Something as small as missing a deadline can deny you rightful compensation. Insurance companies are also guilty of malpractices that can see you lose a case you think has an obvious outcome. Clearly, there’s a lot at stake in vehicle accidents which is why resulting cases should be left to experts only.
When is it advisable to hire a car/auto accident lawyer? Now or later?

Since you/your loved one are likely to incur costs immediately after an accident, i.e. pay for hospital admission fees, vehicle towing fees, etc., (costs that require compensation), you should call a car accident attorney immediately (preferably on the same day of the accident, before reaching any settlements or signing anything).

Questions to Ask

Before you start working with an accident lawyer, it’s important to make sure they are the best at what they do, given the stakes involved. Since you won’t have a lot of time to conduct lengthy interviews with potential attorneys, here are some key questions that will help you find a great lawyer in record time.

Question 1: How many vehicle accident cases do you handle?

This question is meant to uncover how devoted the lawyer is to vehicle accident cases. Ideally, you want to work with a lawyer/law firm that devotes a significant amount of time to auto accident cases.

Question 2: What’s your experience like handling personal injury cases caused by auto accidents?

Given the stakes involved, you want to deal with a lawyer who has decades of experience in the field.

Question 3: What is the average settlement range for a case like mine?

Experienced vehicle accident attorneys should be able to give you a rough estimate of how much you deserve and what you should expect.

Question 4: What % of my case will you handle?

This question should help you gauge if your case will be handled by the lawyer in question or assigned to another who may not be as experienced. Ideally, you want to talk to the personal injury lawyer who will handle every aspect of your case.

Question 5: How are your charges/fees structured?

Lastly, you will want to know about the charges as well as how they are structured. Most personal injury lawyers (the best ones) don’t charge you anything if they don’t win. This fee structure (on a contingent basis) is the best for personal injury cases since you are assured your lawyer will do everything possible to win the case.

You don’t need days to interview potential lawyers. Ask the questions above to get a good idea of the kind of auto accident lawyer you are dealing with.

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