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Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer York, PA

Unfortunately, a personal injury lawyer is someone you are going to need when you are nursing considerable injuries and probably in pain. Even then, he or she is the one person you want in your corner if you are looking to earn compensation for all forms of damage and suffering you may have suffered from the accident. You may find yourself swamped by police officers, doctors, bills, and other concerns during your recovery.

If you live in York, PA, Stambaugh Law – Personal injury lawyer can help you have some order in all this turmoil and, more importantly, get justice and due compensation. A personal injury lawyer York PA is the person to hire.

Personal injury lawyers base their practice on tort law. That is the section of the law focusing on negligent and intentional acts that result in accidents and injuries to other people. Personal injury lawyers help their victims receive financial compensation. A personal injury lawyer York PA will help you get medical compensation, lost wages, pain, suffering, loss of earning capacity, emotional distress, and other forms of damage you may have suffered.

Some of the critical roles performed by a personal injury lawyer include:

  • Offer advice and explain your rights

A personal injury lawyer helps you understand how an accident and the surrounding legal issues affect your rights and the options you have to pursue compensation. Some of the important aspects include the statutes of limitations, which vary across the states and how comparative negligence will impact the case.

The lawyer is also in a position to offer you sound advice and take you through the maze that can be the legal system, the procedures medical and insurance jargon, and the necessary paperwork you have to file. The advice is also reliable as it is not clouded by emotions or naivety.

  • Court representation

Court representation is one of the essential functions of a personal injury lawyer York, PA. While many personal injury suits do not end in trial, should the insurance company or the party at blame deny liability or refuse to settle to your desired amount, the case may go to trial where your lawyer will represent you. You want to have an experienced personal injury litigation lawyer navigate through the complex rules of evidence and procedure.

  • Conduct investigation and discovery

Personal injury law firms are experts in investigating and gathering evidence they need to establish liability and determine who is at fault. Where necessary, they will hire experts, including private investigators and accident reconstruction experts. They will track down witnesses and collect their statements while also getting to have police incident reports.

Other evidence they collect includes camera footage, photographic evidence, and anything else they will use in court, like medical bills and employment records. Most of these items would be costly, time-consuming, and you may not be able to get all the details required on your own, affecting your case.

  • Professional assess damages

Another critical role a personal injury lawyer serves is determining the damages you have suffered and accurately quantifying it in monetary terms. Your medical bill pressures and loss of income may have you underquoting the injuries you have suffered. You may not correctly consider the damages you have suffered, including the pain and suffering and the mental stress and loss of future income.

A personal injury lawyer is experienced and has contact with other experts, including economists and actuaries, who will help figure a proper compensation amount that is realistic and still meets all the losses you have suffered.

  • Negotiate with insurance companies

Negotiating with insurance companies is not an easy task, especially for the novice. Insurance companies have their policy conditions and agreements hidden under plenty of writing, and they will have their lawyers and look to pay the least amount possible. After all, they are in business, so they will look to use tactics that will have you incriminating yourself or even intimidate you to taking a smaller amount than what you deserve. Personal injury lawyers are well versed in negotiation tactics and will protect your interests and prevent you from messing up your claims.

Stambaugh Law Personal Injury Lawyer, York, PA has been representing victims of negligence acts successfully for over 29 years. We work with a diverse range of personal injury accidents ranging from motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents to construction accidents and everything in between. Contact us today and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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