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If you suffer injuries because of another person’s negligence or mistakes, the process of quantifying such injuries can be very complicated. Personal injury settlements must factor in medical bills, the stress and anxiety experienced while dealing with an injury, among other factors like productive time spent away from work. It is a daunting task quantifying such factors, yet injury settlements are crucial for you to enjoy a full recovery. Most important; you must understand everything about personal injury compensation (or hire the best personal injury lawyer) to boost your chances of getting a fair settlement. Here’s what you must know;

How personal injury compensation works

A personal injury claim is launched since another party is believed to be responsible for causing the injury in question. Injuries can be caused by different types of accidents ranging from auto to fall and slip accidents. Injuries can also include medical malpractices to product liability.

To receive a settlement, the victim must prove another party was negligent or malicious resulting in an accident. If the victim is successful in showing the other party caused the accident, they are entitled to a compensation package issued by the at-fault person’s insurer.

Main factors affecting a settlement: How much you will receive

If you want to know what will determine the actual amount of money you get from a settlement, there are several factors to consider the most notable being the severity of an injury. Serious injuries involving lengthy recovery times receive the highest settlements. The settlement is higher if the injury is permanent or has permanent consequences such as losing functionality of a body part/s like the legs or hands.

Injuries requiring long-term care or treatment demand high settlements. If you need highly specialized treatment over a prolonged period requiring you to stay hospitalized, you should receive a settlement that factors in such costs and related expenditures. There is no specific amount to expect given the uniqueness of every personal injury case; however, hard injuries – injuries to the spinal cord and head resulting in permanent consequences demand the highest settlements. Nevertheless, you need the best personal injury lawyer to get a fair personal injury settlement. There are countless cases where individuals have suffered hard injuries but still received unfair personal injury settlements merely because they didn’t seek legal help.

How long do personal injury settlements take?

Personal injury victims need money right away to cater for medical bills. If you can’t work because of your injury, you will need cash for settling basic needs like paying for groceries, rent, transport bills, etc. Unfortunately, it takes time to receive a personal injury settlement.

The timelines depend on unique factors and circumstances of the case. First and foremost, you must collect enough evidence to prove your case. It takes time to gather evidence such as; photos of an accident scene and interviewing witnesses present at the accident scene.

You must also find a good attorney who will handle different aspects of the case including time-consuming processes like negotiating with the insurer of the at-fault party. This process can last for weeks to months and sometimes years. All parties also need to agree on a fair settlement which also takes time if there are complicated requests or both parties disagree on many aspects including proposed settlement amounts. If a settlement amount is agreed upon, some documents must be signed. It also takes time for a victim to receive their compensation.

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