Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney questions to ask and take note.

What should you ask a personal injury attorney during a free consultation for your case?

If you have suffered a personal injury and need a lawyer in York, Pa, we will help you cut through the balderdash of the personal injury claim world and negotiate or win a better settlement offer. However, not all personal injuries are equal; they differ in experience, negotiation skills, judicial connections, legal fees, etc. You want to get the best personal injury lawyer for the job.

Choosing a personal injury attorney is a lot like selecting a product; You want to look beyond the outward impression and see what kind of skills and expertise they bring to every negotiation or court session. Don’t just sign a contract with any shiny, smooth-talking counselor in a slick suit and a high-dollar vocabulary because they look like they know everything. Here are the questions you should not be afraid to ask a personal injury attorney after scoring a free consultation:

What Experience Does He/She Have With Your Type of Case?

In addition to the years they spend learning personal injury law in university colleges, how long have they been practicing? You want a counselor who knows their way in and out of the court system.

Experience is going to determine their negotiation skills, their judicial connections, their interpersonal skills, price, and so on. You want all the above at a favorable legal fee.

Are They Licensed?

Do they have a license to practice law in the state, because if not, how do they plan on handling the case? They shouldn’t be taking cases and handing it to licensed litigators; if that is the case, then the licensed litigator is the person you should be talking to, not a middleman.

Find more about Stambaugh’s licenses and experience.

Speaking of Licenses and Experience, Is Their Info Verifiable?

Verify the info on their website. Ask about their past clients and what settlement offers they helped negotiate. It would help if you can talk to these past clients one-on-one. But a testimonial section on their website is also okay or even look them up on Google and check their online review with Google and other Search Engines.

Speaking of Licensed Litigators, Are They Going To Be Handling Your Case Personally?

Make sure the person you are speaking with is the one that is going to handle your case because you want them to have the right information. Please don’t waste your time with an attorney who doesn’t have the time of day for your story and asks you to speak to his/her paralegal instead. How are they going to litigate your case without knowing you personally? This is a personal injury claim after all; a great personal connection is needed.

You want to get a compassionate attorney who is willing to listen has great communication skills. Each personal injury claim case is different from the other; to be approached differently, not using some general approach because he/she didn’t take some time to know the details of your case.

Do They Have Investigators?

Cases are built on evidence; otherwise, it’s going be a difficult legal battle. When you incur direct or indirect harm due to someone else’s activities, you need to gather the evidence, take photos, witness statements and signatures, videos of the incident, medical reports, etc. to help build your case. Great personal attorneys have investigators to help gather evidence. This helps to reduce the burden of the case, allowing you time to heal after the accident.

Do They Have Judicial Connections?

Cases win on evidence, but good judicial connections are great to have too. You want an attorney who is not at odds with the judge, maintains a great professional relationship with fellow counselors, and is active in the local bar association and other campaigns.

Have they ever been suspended?

Speaking of professionalism, don’t be afraid to ask the counselor if he/she has had any disciplinary problems in the past and whether this is going to affect the case. You can judge how they answer the question if they’ve learned anything from their past.

What do they expect from you?

Some attorneys just want you to sit back, relax, and let them do the job; others welcome beneficial client involvement in the case. Ask the counselor what he/she needs you to do.

What is their fee?

Finally, there’s the issue of legal fees; always lock it down before signing the contract. It’s a show of professionalism, ensuring they won’t switch the amount midway through the case. Most personal injuries don’t accept payment until the case is won. This is called a contingency fee. It’s usually some percentage of the final settlement plus some office expenses. In any case, always negotiate the fee and get the agreement in writing before signing the contract.

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen; do you need professional legal help with your injury claim? Sometimes those insurance or bosses won’t budge until they see a lawyer on your side. Stambaugh Law is an established law firm with over 30 years of experience helping York’s people negotiate/win better settlement offers on personal injury claims. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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