Insurance law is a branch of law that focuses mainly on private insurance cases. Private insurance covers several areas namely; life insurance, health insurance, automobile liability insurance, title insurance, malpractice insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. The main reason why you need an insurance lawyer is; it’s common for insurance companies to act in bad faith. In 2016 for instance, 9% of medical claims submitted by hospitals in the United States were initially denied.[1]

Insurance companies have an obvious economic incentive to act in bad faith. When this happens, you need a lawyer specialized in handling such cases. That’s where insurance attorneys come in.

Scenarios where you need an insurance lawyer

1. When suing an insurer for insurance contract related issues

You need an insurance lawyer to when you want to sue an insurance company because of an issue relating to your insurance contract. If you have car insurance for instance, but your insurer has refused to pay a claim because of insurance contract-related issues, you can hire an insurance attorney to handle such a case. Policy documents issued to insured parties are long and complicated. If you feel you deserve compensation, but you don’t understand the insurance contract you signed, you can hire an insurance lawyer to check if you have grounds for a case.

2. To establish a fair settlement amount in a personal injury case

You can also hire an insurance attorney to help you determine how much an insurance company needs to pay you in a claim. A good example is a personal injury case. If you get injured because of negligent actions by another party, you need an insurance lawyer specialized in personal injury to advise you on a fair settlement. Personal injury cases are complex. A car accident can leave you disabled or out of work.

When establishing a fair settlement, the cost of treatment must be factored in as well as other factors like loss of employment, loss of opportunities and psychological trauma. The repercussions of that injury must also be assessed in the long-term. If you’ll never be able to work again in your life, those considerations must be made when calculating a fair settlement. Without prior personal injury case experience, it’s impossible to determine what an insurer should pay. What’s more, insurers tend to make settlement offers that are low but look fair.

3. To force compliance

You can win a case against an insurance company and still have problems receiving compensation. In such a case, you can hire an insurance lawyer to force the insurer to comply with court orders, applicable laws or regulations.

4. Other scenarios

In some cases, you need an insurance attorney to interpret insurance laws and regulations that tend to vary by state. Such interpretations can help you determine if an insurance company has denied your claim in good or bad faith. You may also need an attorney to help you select good insurance coverage that meets unique needs.

Insurance coverage isn’t always straightforward. Having insurance doesn’t mean you must be paid in the event of a claim. Insurance contracts are complex. A single clause can be the difference between having a claim honored or declined. There’s also a lot at stake in some claims, i.e. personal injury cases. To get the best representation and counsel on all matters related to insurance law in York, PA, choose Stambaugh Law, a law firm with 29+ experience handling complex insurance law related cases.


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